"Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness."

Swami Vishnu Devananda


With the ever-increasing pace of modern life, balancing the multiple roles of family, career and personal life begins to present a challenge for many of us. Numerous stress factors impact our professional growth and performance levels. This is why at the present times it becomes more critical than ever to seek ways of giving back to the organization’s most valuable asset – it’s human capital.  As a company, you can do this by introducing innovative solutions for decreasing anxiety and tension and bringing equilibrium back into the work environment.


It would hardly come as a surprise that employers who offer comprehensive wellness benefits including programs designed to promote all aspects of employee health, see significant reduction in health insurance costs over time along with increased productivity, creativity, happiness, and satisfaction. This investment in wellness also conveys a strong message that the employer cares and thus boosts moral, appreciation and loyalty. In addition to providing a very effective stress reduction strategy, often times organizations are also thrilled to observe an additional beneficial impact on company’s culture.


Corporate yoga is a proactive, low-cost, and wholesome approach for balancing the physical, emotional and mental effects of stress and cultivating a healthy environment at the workplace. Participating employees learn how to use relaxation techniques for coping with the multiple demands of career and personal life.  Corporate yoga brings this practice of wellness directly to your work place. Classes are set up to take place in the company’s available spaces – company’s gym, conference rooms, reception or other common areas.  Accessories, if needed, are provided by the corporate yoga provider. Depending on the class employees may choose to change into more comfortable clothing for participation.



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