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Why offer yoga classes at work?

• It will benefit your employees by addressing multiple areas of well-being at once – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

• It will set you apart from other companies.

• It’s innovative and used by organizations with long-term vision and well thought-out wellness programs.

• It conveys the message that you care and seek out creative tools for maintaining well-being at your workplace.

• In our current reality, with all its demands and stressors, an increasing number of professionals of all ages participate in different yoga activities after work or on weekends – be a visionary and bring this incredible wellness tool to work.


What is the best time to schedule corporate yoga classes?

The most popular times for holding corporate yoga classes are early morning, lunchtime, and after office hours.


What premises do we need for accommodating yoga programs in the office?

Depending on the type of class, yoga activities can be held in any suitable quiet area provided that is it large enough for the number of participating employees - fitness activity room, conference room, training premises, reception area, or lunch room.


How many people can participate in a corporate yoga class?

Depending on the space available at your office, a class can easily accommodate up to 30 employees. Small classes of 5-10 people are common as well.


What is the level of the classes offered?

Generally, our classes are suitable for all levels of experience – from absolute beginner to experienced practitioner. We offer a range of yoga programs from stretch, relaxation, and meditation techniques in the format of Chair yoga, to gentle and open-level yoga classes.  Your company will choose the appropriate program based on your organizational culture, the company’s vision and goals for the employee wellness offerings, and the employee interest and fitness level.


What equipment will be needed for the classes?

There is no equipment needed for the chair yoga, stretch and relaxation, and meditation classes held in boardroom/ conference rooms.

For the gentle and regular yoga classes, the participants would typically need yoga mats, blocks, straps, and yoga blankets.  We offer signature Breathe for Life props supplied to you upon request.


Do employees need to change into fitness clothes in order to participate?

Although changing into more suitable loose outfits is generally recommended for the gentle and open-level yoga classes (loose pants, fitness outfits, shorts, T-shirts), many employees chose to participate in their work clothing. No change of clothes is necessary for our chair yoga classes and all relaxation and meditation sessions.


How do we choose which one of your programs to offer?

We have an introductory yoga program series that are specifically designed to address a wide range of needs, interests, and ability levels. This program is held for a specific number of weeks (usually between 8 and 16 depending on the choice of class frequency – one or two times per week) and introduces yoga activities in consecutive modules with the goal of gradually building upon the group’s understanding and physical ability. This program will also give an opportunity to the company to evaluate employee response and specific needs, after which you may choose to continue with the next level of yoga class series or select from variety of ongoing classes.


How often should we offer yoga at work?

The decision is based on the company’s size, room availability, other resources, and employee preferences and needs. Options start from offering a class once a week and range to having different yoga classes several times weekly.

We will discuss in detail the program that will suit your specific needs during the initial needs assessment and program selection meeting.


How do we initiate the process?

Please contact us for further information.  We will be glad to meet with you for an introductory presentation and show you how our programs and passion for what we do can help you make a significant difference in the quality of life of your employees.




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