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  • Introduction Yoga Series

    The introductory yoga program series are specifically designed to address the needs, interests, and ability levels of those new to yoga.  The emphasis is on alignment, building strength, maintaining proper pace, and breath control.  We ensure the employees feel comfortable and move safely throughout the practice.  This program is held for a specific number of weeks (usually between 8 and 16 depending on the choice of class frequency – one or two times per week) and introduces yoga activities in consecutive modules with the goal of gradually building upon the group’s understanding and physical ability.  The series will also give an opportunity to the company to evaluate employee response and specific needs, after which you may choose to continue with the next level of yoga class series or select from variety of ongoing classes.

  • Open Level Yoga Series

    After completion of the Introduction Yoga Series, the employer may chose to continue with the next level of structured yoga instruction presented in consecutive modules for a systematic progress over a specific number of weeks.  This offers a comprehensive approach to yoga instruction at your workplace.  The methodology of the program is developed according to the participating group profile and needs and the curriculum will follow a choice of level - open level, gentle yoga, yoga level 1, or yoga level 2.  Educational units on the philosophy of yoga as it applies to daily life and other practical applications of the yogic core teachings can be incorporated.

  • Ongoing Yoga Classes

    • Gentle Yoga


      Gentle Yoga classes offer an exploration of basic yoga asanas (physical postures) and connect these through breathing, opening, and awareness.  These sessions utilize the therapeutic modality of yoga to build flexibility and strength through immersing the employees in a relaxing, slower-paced atmosphere.  The emphasis is on attentive stretching, perfecting alignment and cultivating mindfulness. Deeply relaxing, these classes may also include relaxation and meditation techniques for stress release and overall well-being and present a safe and comfortable environment for beginners, for people with injuries or medical conditions, or for those in need for a slower, soothing stretch practice.  45, 60, or 75-minute sessions.

    • Yoga Flow

      A stronger, vinyasa-based practice offering energizing asana flow.  The sequence of yoga poses are linked by the breath and designed to increasingly open the body as we release tension through focusing our awareness on the fluidity of movement.  A wonderful way of integrating the benefits of a physical workout with calming the mind and rejuvenating our being.  60 , 75, or 90-minute sessions.

    • Office Stretch

      A combination of sitting and standing yoga postures to relieve discomfort and pain from prolonged sitting at a desk or standing. These sessions address areas prone to stiffness and the effects of other physical stress in the office - hands, wrists, neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, legs, and feet.  Office Stretch classes improve posture, increase energy and circulation, reduce tension and anxiety, improve concentration and productivity and enhance team building.   15, 30 or 60-minute sessions.

    • Chair Yoga - Breathe, Stretch & Relax

      This class is taught in conference rooms and does not require moving or rearranging furniture.  It is a deeply relaxing break for all levels of practitioners. It focuses on breath work, gentle stretches, and relaxation techniques for stress release and rejuvenation.  A perfect solution for companies who would like to offer a yoga program but are limited by space availability.  30, 45, or 60-minute sessions.

    • Restorative Yoga

      Restorative yoga class utilizing props (blankets, bolsters, and blocks) to guide the body into supported postures for soothing stretch and deep tension release while breathing and meditation techniques aid in mind relaxation.  45 or 60-minute sessions.

    • Relaxation & Stress Release

      Gentle relaxation techniques including chair stretch, breathing exercises for calming the nervous system, visualization and affirmation practices.  30 or 45-minute sessions.

    • Meditation & Mindfullness

      Cultivating a practice of quieting the mind and finding a reprieve from the ongoing stream of thoughts and to-do lists that fill our waking hours and add to our stress levels. Tune inside to find an oasis of calm and stillness.  30 or 45-minute sessions.

  • Conference Break Yoga & Relaxation Sessions

    Breathe for Life can come to your conference or training event and offer yoga and relaxation classes between meetings.  15, 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions are available to accommodate conference schedules.

  • Work-Life Balance Workshops

    Variety of topics can be included depending on employee demographics, needs, and special interests, including nutrition wellness, stress reduction techniques, multiple role balancing strategies, professional growth planning, organizational and time-management skills, individual wellness counseling.

  • Corporate Retreat Yoga Sessions

    Breathe for Life can bring yoga, gentle stretch or relaxation sessions to your company’s corporate retreat.

  • Yoga & Wellness Retreats

    Breathe for Life can take a group of your employees out of the office on a corporate yoga retreat planned around a variety of active and relaxation programs specifically designed to address your employee needs.

  • Team Building Programs

    Use the modality of yoga to accomplish your employee training goals!  These sessions can be integrated into an existing company program as icebreaker sessions, as an innovative and fun module for strengthening team skills, or offered separately on an as-needed basis for improving team cooperation.

  • Individual Yoga Sessions at the Office

    If the schedules of some employees are too busy to allow for attending a class, we can bring individual instruction directly to their personal office.

  • Breathing Space Design

    Breathe for Life can transform any empty cubicle or other available space in your office into a retreat room for a breathing, stretch, or relaxation break.

The Breathe for Life yoga programs can be customized based upon the need of the organization and the participating employees.

In order to help you select the optimal program for your company, a comprehensive needs assessment will be performed as part of the initial discussion. We will help you survey the employee population at your workplace and understand the interests, needs, preferences, and practice levels of the potential participants.  Based on this information, we will then present you with a proposal outlining the recommended sessions and schedules.


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